Bulk gifts for employees

Picking out gifts for employees is always difficult because of course every person is different. You may also be tied to a certain budget in times of a lesser economy. Belevenissen.nl offers a suitable solution for both problems.

With one of the gifts for employees you give the (former) employee the day of his or her life! What might also be a nice idea is to book an experience for the employee as a gift that you can experience with the entire team. Great for all employees.

About Flightgift.com

Flightgift was launched in December 2017 as a part of Loes Daniels’ continuous pursuit to create the most enjoyable gift there can be. Loes Daniels believes that experiences are what makes people richer. Back in 2014, she came up with Hotelgift – a gift card for over 200,00 hotels all across the world.

Shortly after, it became evident how much people preferred gifts of experiences over material things. That’s why she did not want to stop there. To give people more opportunities to make memories, together, Loes Daniels and Jorik Schröder decided to launch a gift card that covered over 300 airlines worldwide. Since then, Flightgift has already enriched the lives of tens of thousands of customers around the globe.

Bulk gifts for employees

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