Summer houses

We have a fantastic selection of summer houses for sale, in a whole host of different styles and sizes. We’re confident you’ll find the summerhouse for your outdoor space within our terrific range. Our wooden summerhouses come complete with length anti-rot guarantees of up to 15 years too; they’re built to stand the test of time.

The good thing about these buildings is that they come in all shapes and sizes. For example you can get a corner summer house that will fit perfectly into one corner of your garden. You could site this at the far end of your garden to provide a quiet retreat from the rest of the house.

Another example would be to get a summer house to include a veranda. This provides a small area of decking outside the summer house. It also has a pitched roof over the top, providing an area of shade when you want to sit just inside the doorway and still be protected from the sun.

You can even get your shed and summer house in one building if you opt for something larger like the contemporary garden room summer house. This has a large summer room section with an integral shed at one end, with its own access door. As you can see there are lots of possibilities and choices here.

Summerhouses from Woodpro

Brighten up your garden this year with a stunning summerhouse from Woodpro. We offer a range of corner, traditional and modern summerhouses perfectly designed to help you to create your perfect little garden hideaway.

Whatever the weather (and let’s face it, our summers aren’t always sunny in the UK) and whatever time of year, summerhouses offer up a perfect extra space for relaxation, parties, a home office or even a workshop or craft space.

Whatever you plan to do with your summerhouse, you can enjoy a cosy space that lets you enjoy your garden even if the weather’s not on your side.

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